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Robert J. Flick, LCSW, Director
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Robert J. Flick, Therapist Locator in New York, NY
Robert J. Flick,
LCSW, Director
There are times in each of our lives when personal pressures become too intense. Troubled relationships, unfulfilling careers or major life events make us uncertain or frightened. Familiar ways of coping just don't seem to work anymore. Talking with family and friends no longer helps. New responses are called for and changes considered, but old fears recure. It is those times when professional help is needed.

Psychotherapy is a process that can lead you through fear and uncertainty to make more accurate understanding of your past and present. It helps you to cope with stresses more effectively, to be able to function at a higher level of productivity and to be able to develop better coping mechanisms to enjoy a more healthy and rewarding life.

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